Finishing touches

Today we were trying to get the split screen to work properly. After a lot of struggles we managed to get it to work. 1 player will use the keyboard and mouse and the other will use a Xbox One controller. When we fixed this problems we started debugging. The wrong player would lose lives after dying and shooting was a little messy. But after a lot of testing we managed to get it to work.

Also the tutorials are on the way. Every member of the team will make a short tutorial on one of the aspects of creating a game. Like movement, camera and respawn. These of course will be uploaded on our blog.

The end of the project is near. Next Thursday our project will get a grade. We’re almost done and ready to show our game to the teachers. Wish us good look guys.

The team

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Diving into a blender. What could possibly go wrong?

Hello everyone,

This week we’ve been working very hard with Blender to get a startup for our first project sprint. We’ve encountered some problems from the start and tried to find some solutions for them. Finding te right tutorial on specific subjects for our game tends to be hard and most of those tutorials aren’t even in English.

Some stuff we did figure out:
– How to move a character
– How to apply a 3th person camera to this character
– Create a map of some sort
– Shoot objects and get some health
– Respawning

Right now we’re working very hard on getting the multiplayer functionality to work the way we want it to. We’ll keep you updated on the progression of the project. Good luck on your projects. Blend away.

-The team

Dave character for blog

There’s a first Blend for everything…

For our first Blender project we’re going to create a game with Blender Game Engine. We haven’t got any experience with this program and python at all. And during our project we’re going to create some small tutorials to teach you to use Blender from scratch as well and create you’re own unique games. So ladies and gentlemen, we hope you will follow us during our project, and learn a lot from us. Of course we’re not going to make the game for you. You’ll have to create your own unique idea. We’ll just teach you the basics, and give you updates on the progress on our game.

So we wish you good luck. We hope you wish us good luck too, because we’re gonna need it more than you do.

– The teamfalloutvaultboythumbsup