And yet another GO

Today we had yet another ‘chance’ to show our ever expanding game to the higher-ups. Luckily we managed to get everything in order (including a simple multiplayer feature!) in time. After presenting everything we’ve done for the last few weeks we managed to impress the higher-ups and received a GO.

This concludes sprint 2 of the project. This sprint not everything went according to plan, so we are determined to find ways to improve our way of working. This way, we hope to pass the project without much stress, considering the fact the team is already 2 man short.


Ready, Set, Blend!

And now, after the several little problems we had setting stuff up for the project, and preparing for the pitch we just had, we can already say that it was worth it!

After we spent the whole day finishing up the required documents, addressing the last shortcomings of our Powerpoint, and several repetitions, we finally had to pitch our ideas for the game to our superiors. I won’t make you all wait for the results, because they were great. Talking about a grand success!

And now that we’ve managed to even convince those scary teachers that our game will rock, we can finally begin development on our game! Prepare for much more content on here, since we will be sharing the whole development process with all of you. And besides that publish several tutorials that will explain how to make several core mechanics of the game.

See you all during the next sprint.

-The team