Our second Retrospective

Today we’ve had a coach meeting. We talked about the past sprint and thought about the things that went good, what went bad and the things we can improve during the next sprint. All of this was done with Draw.io(check image below). After we were done with this we’ve made 2 new learning goals for the next sprint:

  • Bij de volgende Retrospective heeft elk teamlid meer met de rest gecommuniceerd over de onderdelen waar zij aan gewerkt hebben, dit willen wij behalen door midden op de dag of op het einde van de dag een extra daily standup te houden
  • Tijdens de eerst volgende retrospective blijkt dat elk teamlid zelfstandig aan de blog werkt en deze dus geupdate wordt wanneer nodig is, dit bespreken wij in de whatsApp groep met elkaar.


You can go Blend yourself

Hi guys and girls,

What’ve you been up to last week? Well we’re back with our weekly update on our progress. So today we came together and had our first daily stand up. We divided the first tasks on our Trello board and went straight to work…

Basically that’s all we did today, if you want to check our Trello board(activity board) click on the link below, maybe it will direct you to Trello or maybe it won’t ;).
Don’t worry it will lead you to Trello.


We get to draw on windows during our class retrospective

Hi guys, wondering what we did today? Well I can tell you its not that interesting unless you like to look at sticky posts 🙂

Check out our sticky post boat / iceberg here

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-14 at 13.51.00

After we made this weird sticky post thingy on the window, we’ve set up 2 new learning goals for our next retrospective(don’t know what it means? Google is your best buddy)

  • Bij de volgende retrospective blijkt dat elk teamlid minstens 10 minuten van te voren aanwezig was bij een werk/les dag.
  • Bij de volgende retrospective heeft elk teamlid dezelfde dag in de WhatsApp groepschat gereageerd heeft, op uitzondering van aan het werk zijn.



Hi guys, here we are again.

As we’ve told you last week in our first post, every week we’ll post a new blog message right here. In each post we’ll tell you what we’ve been up to the last week. Interested what we did this week? Well its quite boring, it has nothing to do with actual programming or modeling in Blender…

Today we updated our Trello board(its kinda like a to do list) with new activities that need to be done. That’s not the only thing we’ve did today. we ate a sandwich as well 🙂

Keep checking our blog for new updates, click on the link below to check our Trello board.

– The team