The blEND is near

hello there,

This week we had our last demo. We had to show our game with Xbox-controller support and we had to deliver our documentation and tutorials.

We all made tutorials for this project, some of us even made videos because we where told to do so by our teacher. Today we found out that we had to write our tutorials and if we made videos we had to make transcription, we did not know that. We where able to finish it today but it wasn’t without lots of stress.

Our game was finished today, it isn’t what we where hoping for in the beginning but we are happy we at least got a working playable game even if a lot of bad luck was on our side.

we hope to finish this project with a passing mark, so root for us and we will keep you updated.

Cheers loves,

The team



Finishing touches

Today we were trying to get the split screen to work properly. After a lot of struggles we managed to get it to work. 1 player will use the keyboard and mouse and the other will use a Xbox One controller. When we fixed this problems we started debugging. The wrong player would lose lives after dying and shooting was a little messy. But after a lot of testing we managed to get it to work.

Also the tutorials are on the way. Every member of the team will make a short tutorial on one of the aspects of creating a game. Like movement, camera and respawn. These of course will be uploaded on our blog.

The end of the project is near. Next Thursday our project will get a grade. We’re almost done and ready to show our game to the teachers. Wish us good look guys.

The team

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor exhausted programmer


And yet another GO

Today we had yet another ‘chance’ to show our ever expanding game to the higher-ups. Luckily we managed to get everything in order (including a simple multiplayer feature!) in time. After presenting everything we’ve done for the last few weeks we managed to impress the higher-ups and received a GO.

This concludes sprint 2 of the project. This sprint not everything went according to plan, so we are determined to find ways to improve our way of working. This way, we hope to pass the project without much stress, considering the fact the team is already 2 man short.


Hello there,

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted in a while, that’s because we have been working hard on our game and we had exams during the time we where absent.

Right now we are working on our game on our game to present it int the next sprint on may 4. We are supposed to show our game with implemented multiplayer function, at least two players should be able to play together.

We are struggling with the multiplayer and we hope to have it implemented before may the forth, so wish us luck we will need it.

we will keep you updated

-The team


Our second Retrospective

Today we’ve had a coach meeting. We talked about the past sprint and thought about the things that went good, what went bad and the things we can improve during the next sprint. All of this was done with image below). After we were done with this we’ve made 2 new learning goals for the next sprint:

  • Bij de volgende Retrospective heeft elk teamlid meer met de rest gecommuniceerd over de onderdelen waar zij aan gewerkt hebben, dit willen wij behalen door midden op de dag of op het einde van de dag een extra daily standup te houden
  • Tijdens de eerst volgende retrospective blijkt dat elk teamlid zelfstandig aan de blog werkt en deze dus geupdate wordt wanneer nodig is, dit bespreken wij in de whatsApp groep met elkaar.


Onward we Blend

Hello there,

This week we had to finish our first demo for the first sprint. The demo was an already functional version of the game.

In our demo it was possible for the character to walk, jump and it was able to shoot water beams. We also had functional ammo- and wetness-bar so you could see you that your water was draining. There also was a bit of Physics involved the player and some objects can fall of the map, the player is also able to re-spawn in a random place on the map. We also made the first version of our arena.

We were able to impress the teachers and got a go.

We have already started preparing for the next sprint. We have found a way to integrate multiplayer and are working to make it possible to play the game from multiple computers.

we will keep you Updated

-The team



Diving into a blender. What could possibly go wrong?

Hello everyone,

This week we’ve been working very hard with Blender to get a startup for our first project sprint. We’ve encountered some problems from the start and tried to find some solutions for them. Finding te right tutorial on specific subjects for our game tends to be hard and most of those tutorials aren’t even in English.

Some stuff we did figure out:
– How to move a character
– How to apply a 3th person camera to this character
– Create a map of some sort
– Shoot objects and get some health
– Respawning

Right now we’re working very hard on getting the multiplayer functionality to work the way we want it to. We’ll keep you updated on the progression of the project. Good luck on your projects. Blend away.

-The team

Dave character for blog